Pre Theatre Dining at Kingston Theatre Hotel & Restaurant

Visit Our Award Winning Restaurant As The Matinee Performance To Your Evening Show

A theatre food menu will often not include the same level associated with a fine dining restaurant - and that’s why so many people choose to dine out in style before their trip to the theatre.

At The Kingston Theatre Hotel, we recognise this, and being so close to Hull New Theatre, we invite you to really treat yourself to a pre-theatre dining experience to set you up perfectly for your evening performance!

Pre-theatre dining should help you relax and get ready for your night - and that’s why our award winning Clapham Restaurant is the ideal location to begin. With a grand ambient feel and luxury decor, you can be sure to feel lavish as you dine.

The matinee performance is brought to you courtesy of our wonderful range of traditional starter dishes. Expertly prepared by our experienced head chef we promise to kick off the evening in the best possible way.

Next up, is the second act - or main course if you will. A selection of dishes that are both traditional and contemporary we cater for all kinds of preferences and our front of house staff will be serving with a smile and refilling drinks accordingly.

Finally, the denouement, which arrives in the sweet form of our desert menu. A selection of sweet treats that will really ensure your pre-theatre dining experience has been a performance to remember. 

Perhaps by now you’re calling for an encore? Well, you can most certainly stay for a coffee or even a drink in our bar before you head off to take your seats across the road at Hull New Theatre.


Classic Prawn Cocktail…£9.95
Gourmet Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce
Served with Buttered Brown Bread.

Homemade Soup…£7.95
Soup of the Day Served with a Crusty Roll.

Buffalo Mozzarella Tomato Salad…£9.95 (V)
With Aged Balsamic, Olive Oil and Basil.

Garlic Mushrooms…£8.95 (V)
Sauteed with Garlic and Herb Butter,
Served with Toasted Baguette.

Southern Fried Chicken Fillets…£8.95
With Frank’s Hot Sauce.

Chilled Melon…£8.95 (VG)
With Forest Fruits and Mango Coulis.


Traditional Haddock and Chips…£17.95
Served with Skin on Fries, Petit Pois
and Tartare Sauce.
Locally Sourced as enjoyed by
HRH The Princess Royal. (9th March 2023)

Whitby Whole Tail Scampi…£17.50
Deep Fried until Golden with Skin on Fries,
Petit Pois and Tartar Sauce.

Grilled Salmon Fillet…£23.00
With Garlic and Herb Butter,
Served with Truffle Mashed Potatoes,
French Beans and Tender Stem Broccoli.

Homemade Steak and Stilton Pie…£17.95
Prime Chunks of Steak Braised for 6 Hours
with a Full-Bodied Ale, Baked with Stilton Cheese,
Served with Mashed Potatoes and Petit Pois.

Pie of the Week…£17.95
Please ask your server for details.

Kingston Burger…£17.95
6oz Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger,
with Smoked Cheese, Double Back Bacon
Served in a Brioche Bun with Skin on Fries & Deli Style Coleslaw.

Prime Aged Steaks…£25.95
Prime aged for 30 days 8oz.
Sirloin or Rib Eye
Seasoned with Maldon Sea Salt and Pan-fried
with Virgin Olive Oil, Grilled Tomato & Fries
ADD Garlic Butter: Peppercorn Sauce…£3.00

Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff…£19.95
With Double Cream and Smoked Paprika,
Flambe with Cognac, Served with Long Grain Rice.

Leek and Mushroom Stroganoff…£16.95 (V)
With Double Cream and Smoked Paprika,
Flambe with Cognac, Served with Long Grain Rice.

Moving Mountain Vegan Cheeseburger…£16.50 (VG)
Served with Skin on Fries and Vegan Coleslaw.


Skin on Fries…£3.95 (V) (VG)
Skin on fries with truffle oil & parmesan…£5.95
Steamed French Beans…£3.95 (V) (VG)
Tender Stem Broccoli…£3.95 (V) (VG)
House Salad with Caesar Dressing…£4.95 (V)
Buttered Mushrooms….£4.95 (V)
Bread & Butter….£1.95 (V)


Italian Style Ice Cream...£6.95
Vanilla, Strawberry Chocolate Chip.

New York Style Cheesecake...£6.95
with Sicilian Lemon or Raspberry Topping.

Kingston Style Raspberry Pavlova...£7.95

Petit Cheese & Biscuits...£8.95
with Plumb Chutney and Garnishes.

Sticky Toffee Pudding...£8.95
Served with Devonshire Custard

Our Menus contain allergens. If you suffer from a food allergy or an intolerance,
please let a member of the restaurant team know prior to placing your order.

V = Vegetarian. GF = Gluten Free. VE = Vegan

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